Wedding TRENDS IN 2019!

Take your guests to Paris for summer or celebrate with your friends in a quirky setting – here’s how your wedding decorator can echo your pinterest board for you! Inspired by the real summers of paris, the colour palette can reflect temperature hues like sky-blue, bright pinks and soothing yellow. An intimate-do for any pre wedding bash would be the perfect choice for this theme. wedding trends For an overall quirky vibe, make sure you have quirky signs and graphics all over the venue. These banners are the new thing and can lift the mood of any party and these will be trending in wedding 2019! wedding Whether through the décor, food or guest list – the vibe you’re going for is vintage. If you love the old-era decadence, why not incorporate it in your big day like wedding? Ask the photographer to also add a touch of vintage drama while developing your pictures!   and it will  give glamours look in wedding. wedding trends Red, rust gold, marsala are likely to dominate the palette . These colours shine at dusk. Small water bodies can be incorporated to bring together the elements and create harmony with rose petals. wedding trends Move away from photo booths and opt for unique elements that cause heads to turn – it can not only create focal points but also double up as a prop for the Instagram picture.

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