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Destination Wedding Planners in India

Each bride is different from the next as everyone has a completely different vision of what her wedding will be like. And to push it further than that, each bride-to-be has a different personality than someone else who is planning their wedding. While each person is different, there are many factors that go into what makes them who they are in general. The special time of planning a wedding can really bring out one’s true colors or can exasperate their values, strengths, and even flaws. Bridal personalities can range, for better or worse, and we are here to help you figure out just what yours is during this joyous time in your life with live examples from brides we have worked with at Naadia Mirza and Co.  

The Boss Bride
Being the creative director of Naadia Mirza & Co, Naadia knew the nitty gritty of everything. With a sharp eye for details and creativity that has no bounds, she dictated her terms while we executed them just right for her to keep calm on her big day!

The team at Naadia Mirza & Co not only enjoyed the wedding but also pulled off an event without our force. Her wedding was what dreams are made of – a treasure hunt to find your wedding invite, an awards night to quench your thirst and a final detox day to tie the knot

naadia wedding

This bride has decided how her wedding will be and won’t let anything go wrong. Everything is researched and she can sometimes turn into bridezilla if things don’t go to plan.

Most likely to: Have her whole wedding planned months earlier than everyone else.

The Chirpy Bride
Who said the bride can’t have fun at her own wedding? Meet, @parulkanodia – our chirpy bride

Her wedding mirrored her image – lively, fun and bright! She gave us the freedom to play with the elements and also contributed to our planning. Oh, what fun! Are you a chirpy bride!

Destination Wedding Planners in India

The Chirpy bride is the girl who is more likely to be found playing with the young ones rather than conversing with the grown-ups. She’s passionate about life and is constantly looking for ways to infuse some fun into everyday affairs.This bride doesn’t take things too seriously and is the type to have an interesting themed wedding.

Most likely to: Show up in a bright coloured wedding dress and totally impractical shoes.

The Vintage Bride

Vintage bride

The bride and her family wanted the party going prettier with the palette, more delicate with the embroidery and more vintage with the mood. We gave her just that – with delicate floral and muted tones, the vintage bride got her vintage party.

The timeless bride honors tradition and prefers simple elegance to over the top extravagance. She might opt to have the wedding in her childhood home or a venue that holds special memories for her. Family traditions are bound to be incorporated into the day and her wedding will be an intimate affair that involves her loved ones. These brides are our favorite as they weave their life stories into the wedding.

The Royal Bride

While Umaima was all about love and laughter, she knew from the very beginning she wanted a royal affair

When the day finally arrived, Umaima’s wedding was a Mughal dream. Extravagant decor, rich colours and old-world Mughal opulence came together as she crossed the threshold into a new beginning. The dramatic entry is for the Royal Bride who has always had certain flair, one who knows how to make an entrance, and keeps others on their toes.

Royal bride

This type of bride spent years waiting for her Prince Charming and couldn’t be more excited that her dreams have come true. She’ll also search for the most castle-like venue for her special day. 

Most likely to: Design her wedding based on a Pinterest board

The Traditional Bride 

When it comes to capturing your once-in-a-lifetime moment, there is nothing better than a modern young woman wanting a traditional wedding that will be timeless and classic. This is Misha Ramesh, who opted for a wedding that was traditional yet embodied everything modern with a wedding that took place under a rustic banyan tree.

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