Here comes the baby shower party

From clinking flutes for a baby shower to extravagant affairs to announce the little ones name, baby centric events in India have taken an upgrade from the at-home and ladies-only sessions. Read more to find out the new trends.. 

This year, the father and his wife’s girl gang are taking the surprise route and leaving no stone unturned to pamper the mother-to-be. Choosing from an elegant range of sit out brunches or a more over-the-top yet private affair are the top choices for the father-to-be. Yet, he just pays the bill and lets his girls enjoy the day.

baby shower

Add some pizzazz to your baby shower takeaways with quirky gifts. Match it to the theme or pick your favourites, a giveaway is the new thing to let your guests remember your big day!

baby shower ideas

While preserving dwindling family cultures, Naadia Mirza & Co has made the traditional event into a contemporary essential which is fit for all generations.

The tradition of hosting a saath purai has been practiced in Indian household for centuries. the celebration has shifted to grand events welcoming the baby with family and friends.

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The baby bump memories last a lifetime, but sometimes reminiscing on the moment when you had that bump can be heightened by revisiting those magical moments captured on camera. So, a little shoot at the party is a win-win 

Lets face it – the key to a making a crazy wedding is the big fat bar! Well, you cant really enjoy the vino, so opt for a fun dessert bar that could be set up by event decorators in Bangalore jus like us! Stock it with all your favourite options and let the guests dig in!

When it comes to babies, we all know that there’s a whole spectrum of love and laughter. Making sure that the little one gets a special places of his/her own – a well decorated crib is an integral part of the celebrations!

 The first big soiree at your home after the wedding is your baby’s arrival and make sure its packed with conversation starters – so whether it’s the baby shower or the baby arrival, call us and we’ll make sure that heads turn! 


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