“To create something is the greatest blessing one can be bestowed with. So, own it, do not fear it. Quoting one of my favourite contemporary writers, Atticus – ‘Art takes time’. Monet grew his gardens before he painted them.” Thus began Naadia’s journey with the Christmas Project.

When BIAL approached the team to create something magical for the season of Smiles, the team was super excited, but didnt know what was coming their way in terms of timelines. Read below to see how the dynamic team created magic in less than 48 hours. 

Airports are busy areas – strict security and busy traffic all day, all night! The team worked round the clock with groups created depending on size of installation, all headed by Naadia herself. Creating design requires creativity, transforming this to decor requires execution skills. The airport security works in a 2 hour shift, changing guards each time and getting pass through this was notably the biggest challenge. The team had to ensure that all the material (which mostly included items not approved by the airport scanner – remember all sharp object not allowed in your handbag?) had to move through this security check and come out within this 2 hour time frame to avoid re-screening by the new security.

What happens in between this? EVERYTHING!


(Material movement inward, set up, finishing touches, our boss lady’s approval and material move out). 

This was just phase one. Phase two you ask? Making space amidst curious travellers to create installations can be harrowing and slightly intimidating but when you make the same space into their phones with that one capture, you know you’ve done something right 🙂

At the end, alls well when things end well. A sense of the festive spirit carries through this Christmas installation, which is almost sparkly in inspiration yet remains contemporary in its aesthetic. At the studio, Naadia marries artisanal techniques and theme-centric inspirations with a conscious new-age design sensibility. She is the person you go to when the market doesn’t match your design-inspo dream board.


To many more seasons of smile ahead ☺️

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