An Enchanting Quirky Fairy Tale-RISHAB AND MISHA

Naadia Mirza Wedding Planner

Best friends turned lifelong sweethearts, Misha and Rishab’s love story is as precious as can be. They wed amidst a heart-warming setting of a quirky south Indian accents and incorporated meaningful details to create a day that reflected their spirits. We’re obsessing over the party they had with their guests. From a colourful Sangeet decor that set the stage to the end of the night dance party where somehow all guests ended up ancing the night away , we are hooked!

Their two intentions for the day were for their guests to feel the love & have fun, and every decision they made about the day revolved around these two things. So we they had activities throughout the day to have them feeling all the feels.

They are a couple that love color and adventure so their intention for the style and design was to feel like a kitsch party, where they wanted the inside … outside. Naadia Mirza and Co got to work by adding in traditional trade mark accent like the kaliris,umbrellas and long yards of cloth that are symbolic to a big fat Indian wedding celebration . From the huge trees around us to the ideal weather, we knew it was the perfect canvas for Rishab and Misha to create a dream setting for their ceremony and reception. Naadia Mirza and Co also loved that it had an indoor/outdoor feel for the reception so guests weren’t cold. It had an amazing hotel onsite, just steps away for their guests.

The couple also wanted a fusion wedding that incorporated a few traditional themes from their cultures and few modern western themes. At the end they selected the venue that respected their vision and went above and beyond to bring their theme to fruition very uniformly.

The celebration ended up striking a nice balance with their styles with lots of greenery and candle light. Keeping the guest list small and having everyone at one long table kept things intimate, with plenty of lively conversation. Loud music and dancing, just added to the magic of spending quality time with the people they loved. Almost everyone spoke at some point over the course of the celebration, and there were lots of laughs and a few tears as well. 

For their main ceremony, they laid out cushions on the amphitheatre, set up a sombre and beautiful backdrop, and decorated mantap for the ceremony, pennant banners, family heirlooms, and more. Every detail was perfectly curated to celebrate the couple’s deep love of color and quirk with goodness.

Naadia Mirza and Co was inspired by a spark of imagination – from Paris to Sabyasachi to a deep-rooted love of bold, bright colors and vintage flea market finds. With an enticing and recognizable aesthetic we created this beautiful, fun wedding with lots of little details.

There were so many incredible moments captured by photographer Priyanka Daga and that we simply can’t choose a favorite. At first we thought it was the couple’s sangeet ,but then our hearts melted when we saw the couple gazing into each other’s eyes at the main ceremony! One thing is for sure: this wedding was as heartfelt as it was visually captivating.


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