5 Rules to Curating the Perfect Wedding – With love, Naadia

The last thing you want on your “Never Ending Things To Do” list on your wedding day. You have been planning and dreaming for this day for a while and lived it via instagram images, to pinterest boards and others…its now action time.

Hire a wedding planner or coordinator to ensure your dreams are executed flawlessly . It might cost you a few extra monies, but will save you the heartache, as vendor coordination is not an easy task. …So, let the coordinator help you wing it like a pro for your big day. Its imperactive to know thediffernece between a wedding designer and a wedding planner before you go out looking . Sometimes you will find both in a same person ( like myself) , however that comes with years of experience, pure passion and hands on industry knowledge…

Rule No 1:

Give the Wedding Planner all the details

If you are the detailed kind, ensure you pass those notes to the planner. Divulge all good, bad and ugly facts of what you have been through while coordinating.  Tell her your ideas and elaborate on the things you have dreamed of for your day to be perfect.  Be patient and work together to get your dream day  to turn magical. Remember, she is no magician but just experienced so its best like how with a doctor, you need to ensure all the problems are told, SAME RULE Applies here.

Rule no 2:


The way to your family feels, it totally how you make them feel Period. They only want your best interests. As such, its good timing to personalize a little something special with hand written notes before the big day, stating how much each of them mean to you.

In fact, the best thing is to have a sit down dinner for 20-30 immediate family saying you want it.  Its mandatory to have this 2 weeks before the big day. If that is not possible, even a simple high tea…Point is to make each of the FAMILY MEMBERS FEEL SPECIAL!

Remember, a family that dines together stays together. Heart is to make them feel special.

Rule no 3:

Go functional with gifting to friends

The thumb rule – it is easy to fill your boxes with flowers (they will die!) and chocolates (they will get over) but what about products that matter?

The slippers with bridesmaid on it for the friend who is constantly on her feet for your big day, or that rose gold water bottle for the health conscious friend with name engraved. You can just browse our partner gifting website @dottedi and we can help you with more.

Rule no 4:

Add nostalgia to the wedding functions!

What fun if you don’t have your Chaachi tell some stories of you, or the MAAAMA say how he sneaked you out at night? If not for those dirty jokes and secrety secrets with cousins? Add old pictures, write notes about your younger days and make a nostalgia corner around the wedding mehendi.

Rule no 5:

The most essential – STAY fit and exercise everyday

No amount of makeup can make a bride feel happy from within. The glow on your wedding day needs to be natural Period. In order to achieve that, exercise, eat right and stay happy.

The most important rule however is TO HAVE FUN, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. All bloopers will become funny stories for you to remember and laugh over later.

And, remember a marriage is not only about the wedding day, so take that energy and love with you forever.





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